Finally, with the addition of Zakuro, the gang is complete! Personally, I thought this episode was kinda meh, but I am excited because I think this pretty much wraps up all of the introductions and set-ups. From this point forward, I expect the show to really get into the meat of the story—whatever that’s gonna be.

The thing that stood out to me this episode was the comedy—and not in a good way. I think this episode is a prime example of this show having a tonal problem. The comedy in this episode was just so over-the-top that I feel like it didn’t really fit with the rest of the previous episodes (I dunno, maybe it’s just me?). There was this whole bit with them trying to sneak into the studio where Zakuro would be performing, and they try a bunch of ridiculous plans and disguises. These scenes felt really weird to me since none of the previous episodes really shared this tone. I don’t really mind either way, I’m just asking for a little consistency.

Lettuce do be pulling this off though.

Seeing the girls attempt to pull of various disguises made me wish they had some gadgets like Sailor Moon did. She could have done this no problem with her handy disguise pen. I also found it really stupid that they deemed Bu-Ling’s hypnotism attempt a failure even though she successfully put the guard to sleep. Even if she did also wind up falling asleep, they could have just carried her. She’s like 4 foot tall and probably weighs next to nothing.

I find Bu-Ling kinda annoying so this is kinda a win for me.

Something that I found a bit underwhelming these past few episodes was Zakuro’s characterization. Honestly, I’m not really to sure what her deal is. I guess she’s super uptight and is single-mindedly trying to the best idol she can be? And I guess they somehow opened her heart up to letting people in? I’m not really sold on the girls convincing her to join them, but I guess that’s just the power of anime friendships.

In my head canon, I’ve just convinced myself that she and Mint are gay and she joined them due to the power of gayness. (Side note: I feel like magical girl shows should really have more gay characters. I mean, I can’t even think of anything gayer than a magical girl show. It just fits.)

I’ve talked before about how the show’s demographic seems really unclear, and I still can’t really figure out what this show’s trying to do. Before I write these reviews, I usually skim through the episode looking for nice screenshots, and I noticed that there were a surprising amount of thigh shots in this show despite seemingly being aimed at younger girls. I mean, I don’t really mind—Lettuce and Zakuro have pretty nice thighs—but it does feel weird. Sometimes, it’s like the writers are writing for young girls but the storyboard artists and animators are drawing for teen boys. The show sometimes almost goes into the realm of moe GCDCT anime too.

Isn’t it convenient that they found these outfits in their sizes and respective color schemes?

Final Thoughts

I don’t really have much to say this episode. Like I said, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this show goes now that all the girls have been introduced. I also want to see Zakuro lighten up a bit. She seems pretty upbeat in the OP and ED. I really want to see that side of her in the show. And like I said previously, I’m still waiting for my Lettuce-centered episode.