Well, it definitely took me a while to get to writing this post. The semester just ended for me, and before my internship starts, I decided to take this time to finally play Danganronpa V3 which has been taking up most of my time. I was also doing a game dev project for a while which I had since abandoned.

Basically, I just got distracted by something new and shiny and my ADHD put my blog on the back burner.

But now I’m back to talk about probably the sketchiest episode yet.

Once again, Kou’s feelings towards Nazuna gets called into question. Is it love? Is it lust? His tiny 14-year-old brain just can’t seem to figure it out. And him seeing Nazuna with her hair down and her legs uncovered is just driving him crazy.

Usually I’m not a fan of characters changing their hairstyle since I get attached to their designs, but this is actually really cute.

It is weird that this is his first time seeing her like that. After all, they have been sleeping next to each other for the past several days. So, does Nazuna just always sleep with her braids? That doesn’t sound comfortable.

Kou once again asks Nazuna to suck his blood. This time, not because he’s confident that he’ll become a vampire, but simply so he could assess his feelings amidst his confusion. He was a lot calmer this time, unlike the previous time when he was all excited about becoming a vampire.

I thought that was interesting. I guess him thinking he might be in love and requesting for Nazuna to bite him right then and there is going to be a recurring thing. Though, it did seem like this time was more intense than the others. He even comments on how he realized that it is like copulation. I’m not sure if that was referring to the intimacy of the act or the actual sensation because it almost sounded like he was having an orgasm. He even gets out of breath afterwards, which I’m pretty sure is a first.

He was screaming pretty loudly here compared to previous sucky sessions. Seems sus.

They also accidentally wind up in a love hotel and Nazuna takes this opportunity to continuously tease him. I thought I had made peace with the age gap in this show, but it still bothers me from time to time. Nazuna was extremely seductive in this scene. And once again, I would have enjoyed this part—as well as some other parts of this show—a lot more if not for the age gap.

I mentioned in a previous post that I could overlook that if I consider Nazuna as a teenager instead of an adult since I assumed she must have been young when she became a vampire and never matured past that. But this episode also reveals that her work is as a “professional cuddler” wherein her clients are adults, which brings my consideration of her as a teenager into question.

As an avid fan of cuddling, this sounds like the perfect job for me. Too bad I’m not a cute girl.

At the end of the episode, she even convinces Kou to perform a massage on a 24-year-old client, stating that this should be a dream come true for him. Which, yeah, that would be something teenage boys fantasize about, but it’s definitely not something that should come true. Nazuna even puts a lot of emphasis on it being a sexual thing. She then convinces him to do it by offering him a kiss.

Yeah, at this point, she really is just taking advantage of this boy sexually and events like these make it harder to overlook that. That last part almost felt like she was pimping him out—even guilting him by saying he was the reason she wasn’t making money lately. I get that this show is probably aimed at kids Kou’s age and it’s supposed to cater to their fantasies, but I also believe that writers should be (at least a bit) more responsible with topics like these. I dunno, maybe it’s just Japanese culture. After all, the more conservative the culture, the wilder the escapist media.

No, nothing dirty or inappropriate is happening in this show. What are you talking about?

Moving away from that, there were a few interesting things brought up in this episode. Like I mentioned, we finally get to find out about Nazuna’s job. Here I thought she just stole money from the people she invited over to her place. Not that her actual profession is above the board either. I’m pretty sure you need permits for that, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have them. I’ve also heard that Japanese apartments are really strict, so I imagine they’d crack down on that.

She also talks about how Kou should let himself feel his emotions more, which apparently affects the taste of his blood. I do wonder what makes Kou’s blood taste so good. I imagine it’s not his emotions since I don’t think he’s the most emotive person out there. Though, maybe he is in comparison to the average repressed Japanese person.

One thing that I thought was interesting—and I found weird that they didn’t bring up again—was the fact that Nazuna woke up earlier than usual at the start of the episode. The way the scene was shot, it seemed like it was kind of a big deal, especially with how much this show emphasizes on sleeping. Is she now also having trouble sleeping? It is also possible that that whole thing was just there to have a long-winded excuse to have her put her hair down, but I highly doubt that’s all it was.

All an excuse to get her to put her hair down and have a bath scene.

Akira, surprisingly, doesn’t make an appearance this episode. I guess we’re done with that arc? I thought she was going to be a regular part of their nighttime shenanigans, but I guess not. I guess for most people, their interactions with Nazuna end after she helps them get a good night’s sleep. Kou’s only sticking around because he wants to be a vampire. Following that logic, I guess it makes sense that Akira isn’t interested in hanging around Nazuna anymore. But I figured she’d still want to be with Kou, especially since she mentioned that she wasn’t going to give up on getting him to come back to school with her.

Final Thoughts

I really have nothing new to say. The age-gap still bothers me every now and then. Hopefully, the events of this episode don’t become a regular thing. Though, it is obviously going to continue until next episode since this one ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger. I am trying to be as forgiving as I can with this show, which is something I’ve been learning to do more and more recently.